Exiting The SAD Train – All Aboard The Health Express!

by May 25, 2017

Turn you SAD (Standard American Diet) into “hot damn, I’m glad I went Paleo”! Once you begin to replace grains, sugars, and processed oils with natural nutrient dense fats, protein, and veggies your brain and body will be thanking you tremendously! To kick it into high performance gear, I tend to get about 80% of my intake from foods that I believe to be in the top half on the health and happiness scale, with about half of that intake in healthy fats and the other half split between quality protein and veggies plus a side of carbs almost every night. Easy peasy and feeling amazing! Every blissful day begins feeling refreshed, motivated, and eager to whip up my delicious superpower in a cup! 😉 Why would you ever want to go back to the SAD lifestyle? 

Check out this beginner guide for paleo basics with bits on gray areas such as dairy and legumes. Rather than restricting yourself to what others consider officially paleo or having “cheats” – I recommend a relaxed paleo-esque, explorative, holistic evolution – always experimenting and working with what your body is telling you as you magically reverse various ailments while transforming into your best YOU!