A Sweet Path To Poison – Free Options

by Sep 30, 2017

More recent sciences continue to prove that what we put into our bodies DOES affect our health and happiness tremendously. We have been misled for a long time but now there’s a chance to begin taking back control of our own biology. Refined sugars, processed foods, bad fats, and low fat diets are out! Delightful reports are coming in from those that have made the decision to take responsibility for their own personal wellness! Are you ready to begin your journey of health and self discovery NOW? As one new Luv Java lover reports…

“Food definitely affects me, sometimes in a great way, other times, not so much. I’ve found carbs make me tired and lazy, but foods rich in protein, like chicken or fish, give me a boost of energy. As someone with intestinal issues, I can see what certain foods do to me. Fried and fatty make me feel sluggish when I’m finished, but also wreak havoc on my system…think gas, bloating, diarreah. When I eat a healthier meal, I have more energy, and things run much more smoothly in the digestive track. I now use grass fed butter in my coffee in the morning, to give me some essential good fats that I may not get throughout the day. I must learn to drink more water though, as that also affects my mood and digestive track. If I’m lacking in the H2O dept., I get headaches, feel grumpy, and feel constipated.”