Luv Java Luvs Market Basket

by Apr 29, 2017

Kerrygold grass fed unsalted butter by the case… and for only $2.99 per pack! I’m so grateful for our local Market Baskets, a New England chain of family owned supermarkets with a surprisingly wide selection of healthy foods at unbeatable prices. Some of my other favorite High Performance items to buy there are guacamole, olives, raw grass fed cheese (under $5), uncured bacon (under $5), Applegate uncured grass fed beef hot dogs (under $5), coconut oil, Bragg’s apple cider vinegar by the gallon ($16.99), castile soap, and the sockeye salmon ($7.99 lb) and haddock ($5.99 lb) in the local wild caught freezer section is a real gem! Learn more about this community supported company and it’s team at the Wiki link below or search Market Basket protests. You too can come enjoy all of the wellness, business, and community advantages here in the promised land of New Hampshire! 😀